A Willow workshop that aims to be about as creative and informal as it gets, in a willow free for all!

We provide the willow, the fabric and the tools, and your imagination does the rest!

Participants drop in and are encouraged to make whatever they fancy, whether they are designs we suggest or something they devise themselves, and we provide them with informal tuition and materials and tools to make it possible.

Come and create your own swords, puppets, wings, mobiles, headdresses, hearts, simple baskets, willow balls, withy people, stars, dreamcatchers... the list is as endless as willow’s versatility.

This workshop is suitable for ages 10 and above, and will have a maximum number of  ten participants per artist. The beauty of the project is that it can be as long or as short as each participant wishes.

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By Whistling Willow

Art and design Keystage 2 Investigating and making, and design and technology -working with materials